All items on CollegeTickers.com are covered by a 3 year manufacturers warranty. Suntime warrants, upon registration for a period of three years, that the purchased unit is free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. Your watch has been adjusted and electronically timed by skilled craftsmen to provide you excellent service. Properly taken care of, your watch will give you many years of quality service. 

Do not submerge your watch in water; your watch is water resistant, but not waterproof. You can wash your hands while wearing the watch, but do not swim or shower with the watch on. Do not pull the crown out while it is wet. Do not attempt to open the case, drop the watch, or allow any unauthorized person to tamper with it. Such actions void the warranty.

This warranty only applies to the mechanism of the watch. It does not include replacement of batteries, case straps, or parts accidentally damaged or rusted. It does not cover periodic cleaning and oiling of the watch. This warranty is void if the watch is damaged by accident, negligence, unauthorized service or other factors not due to defects in materials or workmanship.

Should this registered, quartz analog watch develop any defect during the warranty period, please contact CollegeTickers.com Customer Service at (800) 301-8119 for repair instructions, or Suntime Customer Service at (800) 898-7217 for a Repair Authorization Number and instructions on how to return your product. After receiving your repair authorization number, please mail it to the address below together your purchase receipt, a copy of this warranty, your name, address, a description of what is wrong with your watch, and $7.50 to cover return shipping and handling. You may also send in your watch for repair or service after the warranty period has expired. Do not send any correspondence regarding the watch separately as it could be lost or misplaced. Do not include the display box when returning your watch for service. Any container you send will be discarded. 

Shipping Insurance - Due to possible loss in transit, we recommend you insure your watch, return receipt requested. You are responsible for adequately protecting your watch during shipping.

The complete warranty: www.suntime.com/images/suntime-instructions-warranty.pdf

To register your watch: www.suntime.com/index.php6?section=register






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